Ways to Deal With Morning Sickness

download-11Morning sickness is a very common problem for pregnant women all over the world. After all, when you are feeding two people in one body, that itself is one of the wonders offered to us by mother nature. The problem generally is related to increase in estrogen levels, low blood sugar count and a greater awareness of certain smells. Morning sickness troubles pregnant women only in the early hours of the day, but slowly eases up somehow as the day goes on. In most of the cases, the problem of morning sickness goes away after the first trimester.

Most of the women have their own way of dealing with morning sickness. Nevertheless, here are a few general tips to get quick relief from this early morning menace:

1.Getting plenty of rest- Taking special care to ensure a good night sleep is a must. Moms might wear a sleep mask or glasses of a darker shade to cut out as much as light possible. They can also try the maternity pillow to provide extra support to the back and stomach.

2. Getting up slowly- Often, being in too much hurry to get out of the bed may cause an unwanted swirl inside your stomach. Moms must not be in a hurry at all, after all the time of pregnancy are the last few months of complete rest and relaxation a mom can get and she should cherish every moment of it.

3. Avoiding certain foods- Fatty or spicy should be avoided as much as possible if expectant mothers wish to avoid morning sickness. Also, avoiding caffeine can help to a great extent.

4.Avoid flickering computer monitor- Even the almost unnoticeable flickering of the computer monitor can be the reason behind repeated unwanted morning sickness. If possible, doctors recommend for pregnant women to avoid computers completely.

5. Being physically active- Not only for adults in general, working out is appropriate proportions is highly beneficial for expecting mother. But before trying anything on their own, it is strictly advised to take the doctor’s advice. Exercising daily not only keeps moms fit but also helps battle the sudden hormonal changes that has taken over their bodies lately.

So moms, battle morning sickness like a pro and enjoy the best moments of your life as much as you can. For more information, baby care tips to pregnancy tracking download the Babyberry App and unlock Happy bumps to you!