Best Ways to Keep Stress Away at Work

Nowadays, stress comes naturally with hectic schedule. However, busting stress is not a difficult thing. You can do it by taking small breaks from your busy day and it won’t harm your work. Here are few ideas that can be of help.

1. Take a power nap

For having a stress-free life, it’s important that you have a peaceful sleep of eight hours a day. However, if you are not getting it regularly, try to take power nap between your works. This will help you to stay fresh and keep stress away.

2. Close your eyes

If you are too much overworked and still don’t have time for even a power nap then just close your eyes for few minutes. You will feel how uncertainties and fears that are intimidating to you are evaporating from your mind.

3. Count backward

If your mind is running too fast and giving you unreasonable tension, just give your mind a check by counting backward. Start from ten or fifty, as you want it to be and do the countdown. Your brain will be too busy to remember the number that comes before 16 or 49 that it will stop worrying eventually.

4. Pamper your imagination

Creative visualization is a great weapon against anxiety. Here is how you do it. Just take a five-minute break from your busy schedule, bed on your chair’s back, close the eyes and let your imagination hit your senses. Imagine yourself in the place you always want to go, think you are having a long ride with your favorite celebrity, shopping in 5th Avenue or anything that you fascinate. This simply removes your worries and makes you smile instantly.

5. Take a shower

If you are at your home, and feel anxiety is forming inside the brain, take shower in cold or lukewarm water. The water cools down your senses and the mental stress disappears gradually. However, if you are at work and unable to take a shower, try this trick instead. Go to the washroom and drop cold water on your wrists and behind the earlobes. This cools the major arteries located right underneath the skin what eventually diminishes the stress.

6. Meditate

If your workplace doesn’t provide enough place, facilities or time for exercising, just look for a quiet corner and meditate. Sit straight silently for five minutes and let the body and mind relax. Just concentrate on your breathe and the restlessness will start to fade away.

7. Compress a stress ball

Carry a custom stress ball or keep it in your desk. Whenever you realize stress is building up inside you, just hold the soft, tiny ball and squeeze it tenderly. The repetitive action of squeezing and releasing pressure helps to manipulate the brain nerves for good. Within few minutes you feel the stress is plummeting naturally.

8. Sip green tea

Green tea is not only effective for losing weight; you can have it for lowering the stress build up. Do a little change with your drinking habit and replace tea or coffee with organic tea. Especially when you feel your mind is getting tensed, take a break and sip green tea. L-Theanine, the chemical composition in this liquid has positive effect on human emotion and reduces anger efficiently.

9. Entertain yourself

Do what makes you happy. Simple things like listening to music, dancing or drawing doodles can calm the restless mind efficiently. Do you enjoy writing, then just open a diary and write how you are feeling right now. Write what is in your head. Acceptance of stress in words will help you to feel good and light.